Fluke Networks DTX 1800


The Fluke Networks DTX 1800 is the only fiber test solution that measures length and four loss measurements per Autotest - all in about 12 seconds. With DTX Fiber Modules you can speed through fiber testing five times faster than the competition. Our comprehensive Tier 1 certification solution includes loss, length, and polarity measurements. You can validate fiber link performance and installation quality. Measure optical loss at multiple wave- lengths. Measure fiber length and verify polarity. And bi-directionally test fibers at two wavelengths without swapping near and far-end units.

Instead of spending time executing trial and error corrections - and re-testing to find out whether the problem has been resolved - the technician knows exactly where to look and what to do to fix the failing link. Even if only two percent of the cables certified in one shift fail Autotest, you'll save as much as two hours of labor time per day of certifying. Unlike competitive fiber adapters which measure length and two loss measurements per Autotest, Fluke Networks DTX 1800 fiber modules accelerate testing through exclusive technology and an easy-to-use interface. Press the Autotest button and you get standards compliant certification automatically - test two fibers, each at two wavelengths, measure length, and determine the pass or fail status - all in about 12 seconds. Our fiber modules let you test more fibers in less time, cutting testing costs and freeing you up for other tasks. per year. When a link fails, the DTX Series provides quick, easy-to-understand directions to identify the point of failure (distance from the tester) and the possible reason(s) for the failure. These directions not only tell you the problem, but also identify corrective actions your test technicians can take to solve the problem quickly - all without having to consult the project manager.

Fluke DTX-1800

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